Private Summer Tutor Time Sessions


Summer Session Dates:

June 17th – Aug 9th

Off July 1-6

Schedule options are Monday – Saturday

Scheduling Flexibility for Your Summer: understand that summer is a time for both growth and relaxation, and the needs of each family are as unique as they are dynamic. That’s why I offer adaptable scheduling options for my Tutor Time sessions. Whether your plans include travel, camps, or family time, we’re here to ensure that your child’s educational progress continues seamlessly. Just let us know what works for you, and we’ll bend our schedule to fit into your summer, not the other way around. This flexibility means your child can enjoy both a productive and a playful summer, tailored to fit the unique rhythms of your family’s life.


 Unlock a Summer of Learning and Growth with Miss. Kyria! 


As the summer breeze begins to whisper, it brings with it the promise of endless possibilities. Summer is the perfect canvas to paint a brighter future for our children. It’s a time to deepen understanding, bridge gaps, and leap ahead in the upcoming academic year. With personalized tutoring, your child can explore their passions, strengthen their knowledge, and enter the next school year with confidence and a love for learning that shines brighter than the summer sun.

🎓 What Do I Offer?


Personalized Learning Paths: Tailored tutoring that understands and adapts to your child’s unique needs and learning style.

Holistic Growth: A focus not just on academic excellence but on fostering self-confidence, curiosity, and a deep-seated love for learning.

Flexible Scheduling: Summer should be fun! That’s why I offer flexible scheduling to ensure learning happens alongside relaxation and play.

📅 This Summer, Transform Boredom into Exploration


Don’t let this summer be just another break. Let it be the start of an incredible journey of discovery and achievement. With limited spots available, I invite you to secure a place in my transformative summer tutoring program.

🚀 Ready to Make This Summer Unforgettable?


Your child’s potential is limitless. This summer, let’s unlock it together. Contact me today and let’s take the first step towards a summer of unmatched growth and discovery. Here’s to a season of learning, laughter, and leaps forward!


We’ve been with Ms. Kyria from The House of Education for nearly 8 years now, and our gratitude for the growth we’ve witnessed in our boys is immeasurable. Ms. Kyria’s approach to learning has truly captivated our children; they thoroughly enjoy their time with her and eagerly look forward to each session. What sets her apart is her ability to infuse fun into education, leveraging engaging games and innovative technology to make learning an exciting adventure. Without hesitation, we wholeheartedly recommend The House of Education to any parent seeking a nurturing and stimulating learning environment for their children. ~Aadra

Unlock Your Child’s Potential with The House of Education Tutor Time Sessions


After a comprehensive skills assessment of your little champion’s abilities in reading and language, I’m thrilled to unveil a game-changing opportunity: Customized Summer Tutor Time sessions, sculpted with precision to meet the unique needs and sky-high potential of your child.


Why Step into My Tutor Time Arena?

Custom-Fit Mastery: Following my deep-dive assessment, each Summer Tutor Time session is a masterclass in personalization. Your child’s learning blueprint becomes my command, ensuring they move at their pace, breaking records and setting new ones.

Undivided Attention: In the expanded universe, I don’t just teach; I transform. Opting for one-on-one or intimate one-to-two sessions, I guarantee a spotlight focus on your child. This isn’t just teaching; it’s mentoring at its finest, allowing for dynamic adjustments and a connection that’s unmatched by the traditional classroom grind.

Edutainment Revolutionized: My online platform is a marvel—a place where education meets thrill, and learning morphs into an epic adventure. With gamification at its core, I’m turning what was once mundane into an exhilarating quest for knowledge.

Cultural Powerhouse: My sessions are a salute to your family’s heritage, blending English language mastery with a deep respect and celebration of our diverse backgrounds. It’s about building bridges, not just between words, but worlds.


What’s in Store for Your Champion?

Skyrocketing Confidence: Prepare to watch in awe as your child’s self-belief soars to the stratosphere with each word conquered and every sentence seamlessly woven.

Cutting-Edge Learning: Staying light-years ahead of the curve, I incorporate the freshest, most effective teaching methodologies to ensure our sessions are not just impactful but downright transformative.

Passion Ignited: My endgame? To spark and fuel a lifelong love affair with learning. Through my Tutor Time sessions, your child won’t just walk away with knowledge; they’ll embark on a lifelong journey of curiosity and success.


Join My Community:

Choosing My Tutor Time sessions is more than a smart decision—it’s an expanding move. You’re not just investing in education; you’re setting the stage for limitless possibilities, for a future as bright as your child’s boundless potential. Together, let’s celebrate every win, big and small, as your child strides towards becoming a confident, world-class learner.


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