Ancient Olympic Journal


Turn your child’s historical exploration of the ancient Olympics into an unforgettable adventure with our “Ancient Olympic Journal.” Download and print this educational and fun activity today, and watch your child’s creativity and understanding of history flourish. It’s time to embark on an ancient Olympic adventure together!



Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey to ancient Greece and experience the wonders of the ancient Olympic Games? Dive into history with our engaging and educational printable journal activity designed for young time-travelers and history enthusiasts.

Product Features:

Time-Traveler’s Journal: The heart of this activity is the “Ancient Olympic Journal.” This journal is where your child will become an ancient Olympic time-traveler, documenting their adventures as if they were present in ancient Greece during the Olympic Games. With our beautifully designed journal pages, your child’s creativity will be sparked, and their writing skills enhanced.

Fiction and Non-Fiction Reading Integration: This journal activity is the perfect companion for students exploring both fiction and non-fiction books about the ancient Olympics. It complements their learning by encouraging them to apply their knowledge to creative writing while having fun.

Immersive Learning: Step into the shoes of an ancient Greek spectator, athlete, or merchant and imagine the sights, sounds, and experiences of the Olympic Games. This activity invites your child to merge historical facts with their vivid imagination.

Historical Accuracy: While fostering creativity, the “Ancient Olympic Journal” ensures that historical accuracy is maintained throughout. Your child will reference real ancient Olympic facts and customs in their journal entries, strengthening their understanding of this fascinating period.

Product Benefits:

Enhances historical knowledge.
Strengthens creative writing skills.
Encourages imagination and storytelling.
Promotes the integration of facts from non-fiction reading.
Fosters artistic expression through drawing.
Provides an engaging and memorable learning experience.

How to Use:

Download and print the “Ancient Olympic Journal” pages.
Read fiction and non-fiction books about the ancient Olympics.
Write journal entries based on the provided writing prompts.
Create illustrations to complement the entries.
Share and discuss the journal entries with family members.