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Embark on a Magical Journey with “The Secret Ingredient Society”: Where Books, Cooking, and Unforgettable Mother-Daughter Bonding Come to Life!

In a world where the art of storytelling and culinary creativity intersect, “The Secret Ingredient Society” emerges as a beacon of imagination, bonding, and learning for mothers and daughters. This unique program is designed to foster a love of reading and cooking, all while strengthening the bonds between moms and their daughters aged 10-13. Created by Kyria Kalata, a passionate advocate for family bonding and interactive learning, “The Secret Ingredient Society” invites participants to embark on a four-week journey filled with magical discoveries, storytelling, and culinary adventure.

What Is “The Secret Ingredient Society”?
“The Secret Ingredient Society” is more than just a book club or a cooking class—it’s an enchanting adventure that combines the joy of reading with the magic of cooking. Every week, members will dive into the spellbinding chapters in the book chosen to ignite imagination, foster friendships, and inspire culinary creativity. From transforming kitchens into wizard’s labs with recipes inspired by our readings to engaging in interactive book discussions and crafting magical memories, “The Secret Ingredient Society” promises an experience like no other.

Highlights of the Program:
Four Weeks of Enchanted Discoveries: Explore the captivating book “Just Add Magic” over four weeks, to spark imagination and culinary creativity.
Weekly Magical Cooking Inspiration: Share laughs and learn new skills as you and your daughter cook up magical treats together, inspired by our readings.
Interactive Book Discussions: Engage in lively discussions, fun activities, and connect with other mother-daughter pairs on the same magical journey.
Crafts, Games, and More: Enjoy a variety of magical yet simple crafts and games designed to enhance your adventure beyond the pages of the book.

Why Join “The Secret Ingredient Society”?
Join Kyria Kalata to strengthen your bond with your daughter, building memories that will last a lifetime. Encourage new passions and skills in a supportive, fun environment, and connect with a community that values creativity, imagination, and the joy of shared experiences.

Enrollment Now Open!
Spaces for “The Secret Ingredient Society” are limited to ensure a personalized and magical experience for each mother-daughter duo. The program begins on April 17 2024, with sessions held weekly online, allowing families from anywhere to join our enchanting adventure.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to mix a little reading with a dash of cooking and a whole lot of magic! Register now and embark on a journey that promises to transform ordinary afternoons into a world of magical moments and mouthwatering masterpieces.

For more information and to enroll, visit or contact Kyria Kalata 714-406-4411

About [Your Name]:
Kyria’s personal and professional experiences have led her to this place of passion and purpose, where she combines her love for education and communication to help children and families succeed. At The House of Education, Kyria welcomes you to a warm and inviting environment where you can feel confident that your family’s educational needs will be met with care and compassion. Through “The Secret Ingredient Society,” She aims to bring families closer together, create lasting memories, and inspire the next generation of readers and chefs with a pinch of magic and a lot of love.