Welcome to the Magical Tree House Book Club Adventure!

For Young Readers Aged 6-10

If you’ve ever been captivated by the thrilling adventures of Annie and Jack in the Magic Tree House books, you’re in for a treat! My book club is designed to keep the reading excitement alive and take your child’s literary journey to the next level. These books are not just “page turners”; they are gateways to fascinating worlds, making them perfect for both those transitioning to chapter books and reluctant readers.

Experience the Magic:

At the Magical Tree House Book Club, I believe that reading is just the beginning of the adventure. That’s why I’ve made this club hands-on, engaging, and oh-so-fun! Here’s what you can expect:

 Weekly Meetings: Join us once a week for an hour of literary exploration and creativity. Each session is a new adventure into the world of the Magic Tree House.

– Immersive Activities: We don’t just talk about a book; we play games inspired by the book, and craft something from the book’s main theme. It’s a journey that engages all the senses and sparks your child’s creativity. The goal is to bring books to life.

– Chat About the Story: Of course, we’ll dive deep into the book’s plot, characters, and themes. I want to ensure that comprehension and vocabulary are on the rise, even amid all the creative fun.

– Become a Trivia Game Boss: Encourage decision-making and leadership skills as your child takes on the role of the Trivia Game Boss. This exciting game will test their knowledge of the book and challenge their critical thinking.

– Hone Problem-Solving Skills: The book-inspired craft activities are more than just fun; they’re opportunities to enhance problem-solving skills. Your child will figure out how to bring the story’s elements to life with their own hands.


Book Club Homework

Each week students need to prepare for 2 games using the book they have read. This homework is equal to 2-3 hours per week including reading depending on how fast your child reads and writes. Many kids can complete the reading in 1 hour. This hour is normally broken down into 20 minutes over several days. If they read 2-3 chapters a day they will complete the book in 3 to 4 days (20 minutes per day). This allows them to have time to write 4 trivia questions about the book they read and prepare for the second game of the week. 


Magic Tree House Books are filled with Magic, Fantasy,  and a dusting of History!

All Magic Tree House and Magic Tree House Merlin Mission books are works of fiction (Sci-Fi) and include some fictional ideas about possible real historic events. They are NOT meant to be used as historical text books in any way. They are a great way to inspire historical exploration and fact finding. What we know about history is always changing as historians and archaeologists uncover new facts. The goal of these books is to inspire children to learn more about a time period Jack and Annie visit, the main theme, to build reading and comprehension confidence. Ms. Kyria created these special book clubs around these great books to help young readers fall in love with reading, to express their comprehension skills verbally and to practice problem solving skills through in class crafts. 

The Magic Tree House Book Club is a 6 to 8-week journey: My book club isn’t just a one-time adventure. It’s 6 to 8-week journey, each with a unique theme and set of books. I aim to keep the reading excitement alive and encourage a love for books and learning.

Join me on this enchanting literary voyage and let your child’s imagination soar! Check out my trip itinerary for more details and enroll your young reader today.


Meet Kyria, Our Program Leader

Kyria is a dedicated and passionate leader whose personal and professional journey has brought her to founding The House of Education. Her love for education and communication is the driving force behind her commitment to helping children and families succeed.

At The House of Education, Kyria offers a warm and welcoming environment where you can trust that your family’s educational needs will be met with care and compassion. Kyria’s experiences have shaped her philosophy and approach to education, and she is dedicated to embracing diversity and providing engaging learning experiences for children and their families.

Core Values at The House of Education

High-Quality Education: We provide top-tier educational resources and experiences to support children’s literacy development, with a focus on making learning fun and interactive.

Community and Collaboration: We foster a sense of belonging and support among multilingual families and educators through networking and collaboration. We encourage peer-to-peer learning and knowledge-sharing.

Understanding Uniqueness: We connect with the distinctive needs and challenges of multilingual families and their children, nurturing problem-solving skills through engaging handicraft activities.

Commitment to Innovation: We stay current with the latest research and best practices in literacy education, always seeking new and creative ways to engage and empower children and families.

Let’s embark on a literary voyage! Enroll your young reader today for 8 weeks of fun, learning, and adventure in the Magic Tree House.

Are you ready to introduce your child to a world of literary adventure? The Magic Tree House Book Club is not just about reading; it’s a gateway to engaging with stories in a whole new way. Join us and let your child’s imagination flourish as they play games, craft, and dive deep into the captivating worlds of Annie and Jack. We’re here to ignite a love for reading, encourage critical thinking, and foster creativity. Enroll your young reader today and embark on a thrilling 8-week journey where books come to life!

To the Moon with Jack and Annie (March/April 2024)

Magic Tree House book club

Chilly Adventures Around the World with Jack & Annie (Starts May 10)

Magic Tree House book club

Wild Water Adventures Around the World with Jack & Annie (Starts March 15th)

World Tour with Jack and Annie (Starts April 2024)

Unlock the Magic Tree House world with us - where books come to life through games, crafts, and creativity.


1. How does the Magic Tree House Book Club work?

The Magic Tree House Book Club is an interactive and hands-on experience. Your child will read the assigned book at home and prepare trivia questions to bring to the online club meeting. During the live sessions, we engage in activities, discussions, and crafts inspired by the book.

2. Can I join the sessions even if my child reads the book independently?

While the club is primarily designed for children, I welcome parents to participate alongside their child or independently to encourage a love for reading at home.

3. Are the sessions recorded for later viewing?

Unfortunately, due to the highly interactive nature of our sessions, we do not offer recordings. Live participation is key to the club’s success.

4. How do I prepare my child for the club meetings?

Ensure your child reads the assigned book before the meeting and comes prepared with trivia questions. Additionally, have the required craft materials ready if your child wishes to participate in the craft activity.

5. How can I enroll my child in the Magic Tree House Book Club?

Enroll your child by following the registration link above or click the shop tab. Spaces may be limited, so don’t miss out!

6. What if my child has difficulty with a particular book or activity?

We encourage a supportive and inclusive environment. If your child faces challenges with any book or activity, my sessions are designed to help them enjoy and understand the material. My goal is to foster a love for reading, and I’m here to support every step of the way.

7. Can I participate in the club even if I haven’t read the book?

I encourage parents to engage with their child’s reading journey. While it’s not required for the parent to have read the book, participating in discussions and activities can enhance the experience for both you and your child.

8. Are there any additional costs associated with the club?

The books are not provided. You can find them second hand, at the library, or at any of your favorite book retailers. Also, you will need to print and gather craft materials based on the weekly craft projects. I will provide a list of required supplies in advance. It is best to have crayons, scissors, and glue sticks. These are the core supplies for my craft projects.

9. What’s the age group for the Magic Tree House Book Club?

The club is designed for children aged 6-10, but younger and older participants are welcome, especially with parental guidance.

10. How can I stay updated about upcoming club sessions and themes?

Stay connected with me through my website and social media channels for announcements and updates regarding upcoming club sessions, themes, and other relevant information.