Welcome to The House of Education:

Unlocking Educational Empowerment for Multilingual Families

Welcome to The House of Education: Where Multilingual Mastery Meets Skyrocketing Success!


Hey there! Kyria Kalata here, and I’m thrilled to introduce you to something incredibly close to my heart and essential for our future – The House of Education. If you’re looking to empower your child with not just literacy but high-impact thinking that prepares them for unparalleled success, you’ve landed in the perfect spot.


Unlocking Potential, One Child at a Time


At The House of Education, I’m not just about learning to read and write; I’m talking about creating legends. My bespoke childhood literacy programs are the launchpad your child needs to soar to unimaginable heights. Imagine a place where your child doesn’t just learn to read a book in their second language (American English) but becomes a multilingual maestro, equipped to tackle the world’s challenges with grace, confidence, and a zest for lifelong learning. Here, young minds are not only nurtured to fluency but are also empowered with the research prowess of a college scholar, all while in the exploratory phase of 2nd or 3rd grade. They learn to craft and ask incisive questions that pierce the heart of any topic, turning curiosity into a powerful tool for discovery and understanding. This transformative journey transforms them into not just students, but young intellectuals, ready to navigate the complexities of the world with an unparalleled ease and insight.

Small Classes, Massive Impact

I keep it cozy here because every giant once started small. My limited class sizes ensure your child gets the attention they deserve, fostering a nurturing environment that’s ripe for growth, connection, and transformative learning experiences.

Innovation Meets Tradition

My online learning platform is a vibrant playground where innovation meets tradition. Here, your child will embark on a journey of discovery, connecting with their cultural heritage while celebrating the rich tapestry of our diverse world. My secret sauce? Gamification. I make learning so fun and engaging; your child won’t even realize they’re mastering critical life skills.

A Community of Inspired Learners

Join me, and you’re not just signing up for a literacy program; you’re becoming part of a movement. A movement that champions the power of community, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. At The House of Education, your family will join a network of forward-thinkers, dreamers, and doers, all committed to creating a brighter future for our children.


The L.I.F.E Framework: My Blueprint for Success

My unique L.I.F.E Framework isn’t just a teaching methodology; it’s a revolutionary approach to learning that prepares your child to lead, innovate, and flourish in an ever-changing world. By Look and Listen, Imagine and Inquire, Fun and Feel, Extend and Explore, I turn every reading session into a springboard for real-world application and success.

Elevate Your Child’s Future Today

Don’t let your child’s potential be just a dream. Make it a reality. Join The House of Education today, and let’s work together to mold the leaders of tomorrow, today. This is more than education; it’s a path to the pinnacle of success.

Your future is on the horizon. Are you ready to elevate it?

Kyria Kalata
Founder, The House of Education
Let’s Make Literacy Legendary

Multicultural Book Buddies

  Welcome to The House of Education, a vibrant community where multilingual children discover the joys of literacy, build their confidence, and cultivate a lifelong love for learning. Our childhood literacy programs go beyond teaching basic language skills; we aim to create a strong foundation for future success by engaging children in fun, interactive, and innovative learning experiences. Our programs are designed to align with traditional family values and support families in their efforts to connect with their cultural heritage while celebrating diversity.

  We believe that every child deserves individual attention, which is why we keep our class sizes small to provide a nurturing environment where each child is seen, heard, and connected with their peers. Our online learning platform is not only playfully inviting but also encourages creativity, problem-solving, and most importantly, fun! We understand that children retain knowledge better when they enjoy the learning process, which is why we incorporate gamification into our curriculum.

  At The House of Education, we believe in fostering a sense of belonging and community among our students and their families. Our literacy programs offer opportunities for networking and collaboration among multilingual families and educators. We strive to stay current with the latest research and best practices in literacy education, constantly seeking new and creative ways to engage and empower children and families.

Join our community, and let us help your child discover the joy of literacy!

Multicultural Book Buddies

House of Education FAQs

  1. What kind of services does The House of Education offer?
  • I offer a variety of services including book clubs, writing programs, tutoring, and workshops for parents, teachers, and homeschool families. I also have a blog with helpful tips and resources for education and books.
  1. What age range do you offer services for?
  • I offer services for children of all ages, from preschool to high school.  My book clubs and workshops are tailored to specific age groups and reading levels.
  1. How do I sign up for a book club or workshop?
  • You can sign up for a book club or workshop by selecting the program you’re interested in. Follow the instructions to register and pay for the program.
  1. How long are the book clubs and workshops?
  • The length of my book clubs and workshops vary depending on the program. Private book clubs are typically ongoing with automatic renewals each month, while workshops are usually one-time events that range from a few hours to a full day. Public book clubs are offered in 4, 6, and 8-week sessions. For creative writing programs, the length can vary from a one-time one-hour session to a 4-week program. Ultimately, the length of the program depends on the specific needs and goals of the participants.
  1. How do you select the books for the book clubs?
  • At The House of Education, book selections for our book clubs are based on a variety of factors. I consider the reading level of the group, as well as the goals of the parents. In addition, I strive to choose books that showcase ethnic diversity and traditional family values. My book selections also offer educational opportunities such as exploring historical places and time periods, featuring character names inspired by famous inventors, incorporating science themes, or highlighting different geographical locations. I take great care in selecting books that are both entertaining and enriching for our young readers. Books are just as influential as T.V., YouTube, and social media. 
  1. Do you offer virtual or in-person services?
  • I offer virtual services only. This means that all of my programs, including book clubs, workshops, and one-on-one sessions, are conducted online. The virtual format provides greater flexibility for parents and students, as they can participate in the comfort of their own homes without having to deal with traffic or travel time. Additionally, the virtual format allows for seamless communication and easy access to resources, without compromising on the quality of the program. Rest assured that this is not the same as the Zoom experience during the pandemic. My virtual programs are designed to be engaging, interactive, and fun for all participants.
  1. Do you offer customized services for homeschool families?
  • Yes, I offer customized services for homeschool families, including personalized tutoring and tailored book clubs and workshops. I can work with you to create a program that fits your family’s specific needs and schedule.