Looking for a thrilling adventure this summer? Look no further than ‘Mystery In Rocky Mountain National Park’ by Aaron Johnson. In this captivating book, readers join Jake, Amber, and Wes on a scavenger hunt to solve a centuries-old mystery left behind by Jake’s grandfather.

But this book isn’t just a page-turner, it’s also a coming-of-age story that teaches kids about survival skills, natural history, integrity, character, and friendship. The fast-paced plot and engaging characters make it hard to put down, even for the most reluctant of readers. And with educational elements woven throughout the story, kids will also learn about the importance of preservation and conservation in national parks.

The book is set in the breathtaking landscapes of Rocky Mountain National Park, making it the perfect choice for families who love the outdoors. In fact, families could even read this book before or after a trip to the park to enhance their experience.

‘Mystery In Rocky Mountain National Park’ is the first installment in the National Park Mystery Series, and it’s already leaving readers eagerly anticipating the next book. Parents can feel confident knowing their children are being influenced by a book that teaches valuable lessons, while kids will be hooked by the thrilling mystery.

So if you’re looking for a book that explores the wonders of nature and the human spirit, look no further than ‘Mystery In Rocky Mountain National Park”


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