Halloween Letter Pattern Game, Printables, Crafts, Flashcards Preschool Bundle


Encourage your child’s love for learning with our Halloween Preschool Literacy Bundle. This collection is thoughtfully designed to foster curiosity and skills development in a fun and interactive way. Download now and embark on a journey of discovery with your little one!

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Explore the world of literacy and early learning with our Halloween Preschool Literacy Bundle, a delightful addition to the House of Educations Print & Play @Home collection. This digital download is packed with engaging activities designed to ignite the love of learning in your little one.

With 39 pages of educational content, this bundle provides hours of entertainment and learning for your preschooler. The target letters in this set: S, C, H, B, G, F

Sets of Alphabet and Halloween Vocabulary flashcards are included

Screen-Free Learning: Our Preschool Literacy Bundle offers a valuable screen-free learning experience, providing a break from digital devices while still engaging and educating your child.

Ideal for Home or Classroom: Whether you’re a parent looking to enhance your child’s literacy skills or an educator seeking engaging resources for your preschool classroom, this bundle is a versatile and valuable addition to your toolkit.

Diverse Activities: Our bundle includes a variety of activities, such as “Match the Spooky Pattern,” “Cave Shadow Match,” “Letter Game,” “Wobble Bat,” and “Boo-Gie Ghost.” These activities promote cognitive development and pre-reading skills in a fun and playful way.

Crafts Galore: Dive into creativity with four delightful crafts that encourage fine motor skills and artistic expression. These hands-on projects will have your child crafting, playing, and learning at the same time.

Tracing Letter Pages: Boost early writing skills with six tracing letter pages. These exercises help kids become familiar with letters and build a strong foundation for future reading and writing.

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