Mystery Masters: A Detective Writing Adventure

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Unlock Your Child’s Writing Potential Now!

Don’t miss this opportunity to ignite your child’s creativity, expand their vocabulary, and enhance their writing skills—all at their own pace. Sign up today for our self-paced mystery writing course and watch as your young writer crafts their very own intriguing mystery stories. Say goodbye to the hassle of fitting into strict class schedules and hello to personalized feedback that brings out the best in your child’s writing abilities. Enroll now and embark on a journey that transforms learning into an adventure, crafting not just stories, but confident, creative thinkers ready to explore the mysteries of writing. Start your child’s writing adventure today!


Unlock the Mysteries of Writing:

A Self-Paced Video Class for Young Writers



Step into a world of intrigue and imagination with Miss Kyria’s Literacy Programs in Your Pocket! This collection of workshops is not just a series of lessons, but a passport to a realm where words weave magic and stories spring to life. One of the crown jewels of this collection is a self-paced video writing class that plunges young learners into the thrilling world of mystery writing.

This program is far from your average writing class. It’s an expedition into the enigmatic world of mystery writing, meticulously designed to ignite creativity, bolster vocabulary, and sharpen storytelling skills. It’s the perfect solution for bustling schedules, enabling your child to learn and create at their own pace, in their own space—be it during a car ride, in the comfort of home, or even while on a sun-soaked vacation. All they need is an internet connection and ClassDojo, and a treasure trove of printouts and videos will be at their fingertips.

The course is a genuine feast of learning, featuring eight video lessons that delve deep into everything from the rudiments of writing to the nuances of narrative techniques. Each lesson is a captivating journey designed to fascinate and inspire young writers. Students can interact by typing a question or creating their own video, making the learning process personalize, dynamic and engaging.

Each lesson is complemented by a comprehensive workbook brimming with activities and exercises. From dissecting their favorite mystery stories to sketching their characters, the workbook activities reinforce the video content and stimulate creativity.

Every assignment submitted is met with personalized homework feedback from Miss. Kyria, ensuring your child not only absorbs but also effectively applies the concepts learned.

The course outline is a roadmap to mystery writing, starting with an introduction to the genre, vocabulary expansion, and the innovative “Hand” model of storytelling. It then guides learners through the creation of a detective character and suspects, setting and plot development, and finally, writing their own mystery story. The journey concludes with reflection, critiques, and sharing, teaching the value of feedback and its role in honing writing skills.

The workbook is a treasure chest of resources, including a glossary of terms, story starters, and a detective’s notebook. The detective’s notebook features printable pages for organizing notes, character sketches, and plot outlines.

But Miss Kyria’s Literacy Programs in Your Pocket is more than just a convenient learning tool. It’s a powerful ally in your child’s academic journey. By engaging with the program, children develop critical thinking skills as they plot their mysteries and create their characters. They enhance their vocabulary, learn to structure sentences, and understand narrative flow. These skills are not just essential for writing, but also for reading comprehension, a key component of academic success. So, with every mystery they unravel, they’re also unraveling the mysteries of language and storytelling, setting them up for success in their academic journey. Welcome to a world where learning is an adventure!

Course Highlights:

Eight Video Lessons:

Dive into the art of mystery writing with engaging video content that covers everything from basic concepts to advanced storytelling techniques. Each lesson is designed to captivate and inspire young writers. Students will be able to type a question or make their own video. This keeps the learning interactive.

Comprehensive Workbook:

Accompanying each lesson is a workbook filled with activities and exercises. From analyzing favorite mystery stories to drawing pictures of their characters, the workbook activities reinforce the video content and encourage creativity.

Personalized Homework Feedback:

Every assignment submitted will receive detailed feedback from me, Miss. Kyria, ensuring your child not only learns but also applies the concepts effectively.


Course Outline Overview:

  1. Introduction to Mystery Writing: Discover the key elements that make a story mysterious and engaging. Learn about the genre and identify these elements in beloved mystery stories.
  2. Vocabulary Expansion: Enhance your mystery lexicon with essential words and phrases. Learn how to use the the words in 4 sentences types: Simple, Compound, Complex, and Question.
  3. Writing Technique – The “Hand” of a Story: Master the structure of storytelling with the innovative “hand” model. A fun and effective way to visualize and organize your story’s key elements.
  4. Creating a Detective Character: Every mystery needs a detective. Learn how to create a compelling protagonist with unique traits and a backstory that resonates with young readers.
  5. Creating Suspects: Introduce complexity by developing dynamic suspects, each with motives, opportunities, and alibis. Learn the art of deception with red herrings. Yep, more vocabulary!
  6. Setting and Plot: Explore how setting influences the mood and progression of your story. Use the “hand” model to plot a captivating mystery in a familiar setting.
  7. Writing Your Mystery Story: Combine all the elements learned to craft your own mystery story. From weaving clues into the narrative to maintaining suspense, this lesson guides you through it all.
  8. Conclusion, Critiques, and Sharing: Reflect on your writing journey and share your story with friends or family. Learn the value of feedback and how it can improve your writing skills.


The workbook includes:

Glossary of Terms: A handy reference of all vocabulary words covered in the class.
Story Starters: Kickstart your writing with these mystery-themed prompts.
Detective’s Notebook: Printable pages for organizing notes, character sketches, and plot outlines.


This course is designed to blend structured learning with the freedom to create, encouraging students to use their imagination while developing essential writing skills. The focus on mystery vocabulary and the “hand” model technique simplifies the storytelling process, making it accessible, educational, and most importantly, fun.



Using the ClassDojo Portfolio for Flexible Learning

Step-by-Step Guide for Students:

1. Setting Up Your ClassDojo Portfolio:

  • Sign up or Log In: If you don’t already have a ClassDojo account, sign up at If you have an account, log in as the student not as the parent.
  • Join the Class: You will receive a unique class code from Miss Kyria. Enter this code to join the “Exploring Storytelling with Little Red Writing” class.

2. Accessing Workshop Materials:

  • Dashboard: Once you’ve joined the class, you’ll see the workshop materials and assignments on your ClassDojo P dashboard.
  • Materials: Download the provided printable worksheets (which can be completed on the laptop screen), templates, and any additional resources needed for each lesson.

3. Watching Video Lessons:

  • Video Section: Go to the video section in your ClassDojo portfolio.
  • Lessons: Watch the video lessons at your own pace. Each lesson is designed to guide you through different parts of the workshop.

4. Completing Independent Activities:

  • Assignments: After watching the video lessons, complete the assigned activities. These may include filling out vocabulary charts, writing stories, conducting research, and more.
  • Documentation: Document your work by taking photos or scanning your completed worksheets and charts.

5. Uploading Your Work:

  • Portfolio Tab: Click on the Portfolio tab in your ClassDojo account.
  • Add to Portfolio: Select “Add to Portfolio” and choose the type of file you want to upload (photo, video, or document).
  • Upload Work: Upload your completed assignments and activities. Be sure to label each upload clearly so Miss Kyria knows which part of the workshop it relates to.

6. Sending Video and Text Communications:

  • Video Messages: Record and upload video messages to share your progress, ask questions, and present your work. This is especially useful for activities like the Author’s Chair, where you read your final story aloud.
  • Text Messages: Use the messaging feature to send text updates, reflections, and any written assignments.

7. Receiving Feedback:

  • Feedback from Miss Kyria: Miss Kyria will review your submissions and provide personalized feedback via ClassDojo. Look out for her comments and suggestions to help you improve and learn.
  • Interactive Communication: Although there is no live interaction, you can continue the conversation with Miss Kyria through video and text responses.

8. Reflection and Sharing:

  • Final Reflection: At the end of the workshop, upload a final reflection on what you’ve learned. This can be in the form of a video, a written summary, or a combination of both.
  • Sharing Work: You can also share your best work with your classmates through the ClassDojo portfolio, fostering a sense of community and shared learning.

9. Staying Engaged:

  • Check Regularly: Regularly check your ClassDojo dashboard for new messages, feedback, and updates from Miss Kyria.
  • Participate Fully: Engage with all parts of the workshop to make the most of your learning experience.

By using ClassDojo’s portfolio, you can easily keep track of your progress, receive feedback, and communicate with Miss Kyria, making your flexible learning experience both effective and enjoyable. Get ready to embark on a storytelling adventure with “Mystery Masters: A Detective Writing Adventure”!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



1. How can this course benefit my child’s writing skills in the long term?
This course is designed not just to teach your child about mystery writing but also to enhance their overall writing abilities, including vocabulary expansion and sentence structure mastery. The skills learned will serve as a solid foundation for all future writing endeavors, fostering a love for writing and a confidence in their abilities that will last a lifetime.

2. How does my child access the course materials?
Your child will need an internet connection to access the course materials, including printing the workbook and watching the videos. All materials are posted on the student app of ClassDojo, in the students’ portfolio (homework area) where Miss. Kyria can monitor progress, completed homework, and student communications.

3. Are there any live sessions or meetings?
No, there are no live meetings or sessions required for this course. The program is entirely self-paced, allowing your child to work through the lessons and homework at their own convenience. Once they watch the video and print the workbook your child will not need an internet connection.

4. How can I, as a parent, communicate with the teacher or ask questions?
Parents are encouraged to use the ClassDojo parent app for any communications. You can ask questions, seek guidance, and stay updated on your child’s progress directly through the app.

5. Is there a deadline for homework submissions?
There are no strict due dates for homework to allow flexibility for your child. However, the program is designed in an eight-week format to provide a structured learning path. If it helps motivate your child, you can imply that Miss. Kyria expects to see homework submissions by Friday each week.

6. How will my child receive feedback on their work?
Miss. Kyria will provide personalized feedback on all completed homework through the ClassDojo platform. This ensures your child understands their progress and areas for improvement.

7. What if my child falls behind?
The beauty of this self-paced course is the flexibility it offers. If your child falls behind, they can easily catch up without the pressure of fixed deadlines. Continuous access to the course materials and the ability to communicate with Miss. Kyria means your child can progress at a pace that’s right for them.

8. How does the course encourage my child to complete their homework?
To encourage homework completion, you can leverage the strategy of making Miss. Kyria the “expectant” figure. Suggesting that she is looking forward to seeing their work by a certain day can be a motivating factor for children. This approach helps in maintaining a regular learning rhythm while keeping the learning experience fun and stress-free. At your request Miss. will send weekly reminders.

9. Will my child complete any projects?
Yes, by the end of the course, your child will have crafted at least two mystery stories of their own. These projects allow them to apply the concepts learned and showcase their creativity and writing skills.

10. What if my child or I have technical issues accessing the course materials?
Should you encounter any technical difficulties, please use the ClassDojo parent app to communicate with Miss. Kyria. I’m here to ensure a smooth and accessible learning experience for everyone.


Dive into the world of mystery and mastery with our self-paced video writing class, a no-brainer choice for parents seeking an enriching, engaging learning experience for their children. This unique program not only introduces young writers to an exciting range of vocabulary but also guides them through crafting simple, compound, complex, and question-type sentences, all within the thrilling context of mystery writing. Without the constraints of a fixed class schedule, yet with the personalized engagement of corrections and feedback on homework, your child will enjoy the freedom to learn and create at their own pace. By the end of the course, they’ll have not only enhanced their writing skills but also completed at least two original mystery stories, making this an irresistible opportunity for any parent eager to ignite a passion for writing in their child’s heart.


Enroll now and embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of mystery writing! Your child’s adventure in creativity, storytelling, and critical thinking awaits.



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